Monochrome is all about

Design & Branding are our primary languages, but there’s more.

Our Team

Matija Elek
Creative Director
Nenad Jasenski
Graphic Designer
Dane Lecic
Filmmaker & Motion Designer
Luka Nikolić
Full Stack Developer
Igor Stevanović
Android Developer

We Want To Bring Business And The Digital World Together

In fact, this is how Monochrome began. We were just a bunch of talented friends from Serbia united by a common vision: creating a synergy of business and the digital world. ‍

We were tired of stale design solutions. We felt strongly that design was more than pretty pictures: it was a powerful tool that could really transform business.

Ambitious much? Sure! But once we knew what we wanted, there was no turning back. All we needed was some hard work.

We believe that we’ve managed to achieve what we set out to do. Today, we’re proud to bring together people who share our passion for change.

The Values That Define Us

  • Monochrome

    is Efficiency

  • Monochrome

    is Team

  • Monochrome

    is Growth

  • Monochrome

    is Design

  • Monochrome

    is Style

What our clients say about us

Monochrome truly exceeded our expectations in creating our visual identity. They understood our vision and were able to bring it to life in a way that is both professional and unique. Our customers have definitely taken notice, as they now see us as a company that is serious about making a difference.

The fact that the deaf community recognizes us immediately is a testament to the power of good design, and we couldn’t have achieved this without Monochrome’s expertise. We highly recommend Monochrome to anyone looking for a design agency that is both creative and professional.

Djordje Dimitrijevic 🇷🇸
Founder Of SignAvatar

Monochrome gave Kailurkhan a visual identity which is on point, truly representing the work I am doing and elevating the whole idea and story behind every single project within Kailurkhan. Since 2020 I am working closely with Monochrome, to realize all the different projects about package and graphics design etc. which are always on point and a big upgrade to the whole idea behind Kailurkhan. My clients can see the expertise behind my brand and the level of professionalism I am working on, with the whole concept package from Monochrome now much better and are much more engaged, then with any other visual identity an design.

Tim Roth 🇩🇪
Kailurkhan Founder

Working with Monochrome for us is now no-brainer! After meet – up with these people they will realize everything your business is doing and it’s all problems by deep questioning. Matija’s passion for helping people in their businesses is the main value of Monochrome as well as his expertise in art direction and design. Just let these people do whatever they want and don’t think too much, they are the whole another level.

Aleksandar Djuric 🇷🇸
Medicinski Krug President

I was searching for a long time agency as Monochrome. Luxury style and attention to ditail is their occupation. When you think that there is nothing to change and make it better, Matija will send you 20 changes you will never think of. Monochrome is perfection and it’s team is too much talented young people we all searching for.

Sasha Devic 🇬🇧
7D Group Founder

Together we make a difference

Monochrome is about permanent growth. This applies to your business, our team, and everyone’s happiness.

Work With Us

Monochrome is about permanent growth. This applies to your business, our team, and everyone’s happiness.